Thursday, March 26, 2009

Legacy Project: ONE Archive Screening April 19 in L.A.

Coming up in a few weeks in L.A. is this very exciting opportunity to see some rare film and video highlights from the ONE Archives.

My connection to this event is two-fold: 1) Some of the video preservation monies for this arose out of a brief conversation between myself (as a member of the Outfest Legacy Project Advisory Board) and Bay Area Video Coalition staffer Wendy Levy in the aisle of the Castro Theatre before a screening at Frameline two years ago! 2) I am a huge fan of Jim Kepner who was the originator of the ONE Archives and who I got to meet on my first trip to Los Angeles back in like 1986 when he had all his collection crammed into a messy old storefront off of Hollywood Boulevard. He was one of my early inspirations about the importance of saving stuff!

April 19, 7:00pm
LEGACIES FROM THE ONE NATIONAL GAY & LESBIAN ARCHIVES, a lecture/screening at the UCLA Festival of Preservation

The ONE Archives began in 1942 when writer-activist Jim Kepner created a private collectioen of gay-related materials in New York. The ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives now thrives as the world's largest research library on LGBT heritage and concerns. In early 2007, ONE deposited its collection of rare film and videotape with the Outfest Legacy Project at UCLA. This evening's program presents highlights from a portion of that collection, in conjunction with a discussion hosted by Joseph Hawkins, president of ONE Archive's board of directors, about ONE's crucial role in preserving LGBT history.
35mm, 16mm and video, approx. 90 min.

Preservation funded by: the Bay Area Video Coalition's 2007 MediaMaker Award
IN PERSON: Don Kilhefner, Lillian Faderman, Malcolm Boyd, Mark Thompson, Joseph Hawkins.

Location: Billy Wilder Theater
OUTFEST members receive $1 off admission at the box office.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Epic review of 575 Castro St. on Invencible Vulnavia

Just came across this really substantial review of my new short film on Diego Trerotola's blog, Invencible Vulnavia. Diego is based in Argentina and of course his blog is in Spanish so I need to spend some time gleaning the highlights but it looks like he has positive things to say about the short (and about THE JOY OF LIFE which played at the Mar Del Plata Film Fest there in 2005).

Okay, I can get the main sense of it via the miracle of Yahoo's Babelfish (which has some pretty crazy imperfections and yet it translates Spanish to English better than I can).

Phrases like: "intelligence and sensitivity" sound promising!

Monday, March 02, 2009

The Olson-Dorfs on NewsHour with Jim Lehrer

Click here to watch the video: Online NewsHour | PBS

We are getting ready for the big Overturn Prop 8 Rally on Wednesday and the Supreme Court arguments on Thursday. This video gives a nice 10 minute overview of the current state of Marriage Equality (or lack thereof) here in CA — starring: The Olson-Dorf Family!

Tune in to the Jim Lehrer News Hour on Thursday for the TV version featuring even more thoughtful analysis (and yet more B-roll footage of Jenni, Julie, Hazel and Sylvie making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner). A similar story will run on our local PBS affiliate, KQED on the show, "This Week in Northern California" this coming Friday.

We can also be seen in a special about Prop 8 on Voice of America as well. The photo caption for the VOA items proclaims:"Jennie Olsen [sic] and Julie Dorf are the human face of same sex marriage in California." Yikes!