Monday, August 16, 2010

A Life of Longing and Laforgue - at

In honor of the big day today (the 150th Birthday of Jules Laforgue) the folks at the fabulous Bay Area Film site, are running a piece that I wrote which is essentially the prologue to my new film project, Grandement Triste.

Here's an excerpt:
"A lifelong engagement which could even be said to supersede our commitments to friends, family, and lovers. That is how I would characterize our relationships with those certain special touchstone writers and artists whose work shapes our own sense of self, connects us via eloquent craft to the truths we hold most deeply.

My verging on Talmudic analysis of Jules Laforgue has been just this kind of lifetime connection. He is always there. Anchor, compass point, North Star of my soul-searching and angst. Even if I have now outgrown some aspects of my original attachment to him, he remains a central muse and inspiration for me."
Please go read the rest HERE.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ventana Inn & Spa review

Julie and I had a wonderful overnight getaway in Big Sur last month which I wrote up for's GPS blog. Read the full review HERE. And p.s. if you can't afford to actually stay at the Ventana Inn, you should just go check out the Restaurant at Ventana — it's a beautiful place and they served us really one of the most flavorful and delicious dinners I've ever had.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Alison Bechdel is Watching Out for Dykes & Madchen

I posted a plea for help this week to some friends and got this very supportive post from Alison Bechdel on her Dykes To Watch Out For blog!

Remember M├Ądchen in Uniform? The very steamy 1931 German film about girls at boarding school? My pal Jenni Olson has been working very hard to make a DVD release happen of the 1958 Romy Schneider/Lilli Palmer remake. I haven’t seen this but now we all can! Help Jenni succeed by adding the film to your Netflix queue or ordering it online.

Please go save MADCHEN to your Netflix queue now, too! Or BUY it from Wolfe for just $13.46!