Friday, August 11, 2006

Irshad Manji: Some Good News from the Middle East for a change

Our old pal Irshad has a nice piece on Ha' about some positive developments among moderate Muslims.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Live via Satellite (iChat) from Jerusalem

Just iChatted with Julie, Micky and Hazel in their hotel room in Jerusalem. It's 10pm here in San Francisco and they're just heading off to 8am breakfast. Video chat produces such an odd sensation. It's like watching live theater -- you sort of keep reminding yourself that it's really happening, right there in front of you, live!

All appears to be good there. Julie is speaking tonight at Jerusalem City Hall in some World Pride related capacity. Surely she will share this experience with the world on HER blog in the next few days.

Blue Diary production still

This is a shot of Treasury Street, just off Bush Street, taken at high Noon on the 4th of July in 1997.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pinball & Blogging

I'm beginning to understand the appeal of blogging. It's like a place to put things. Equivalent to all the tiny scraps of paper in my pocket with little notes on them.

In a moment of Internet weakness I started a surf on "pinball" and experienced the visceral breathtaking joy of seeing an image of the first machine I ever played. And now I have a place to put this experience. O joy.

There were always four pinball machines along the far front wall at Lee's Billiards (in Falcon Heights where I grew up). They were changed occasionally over the years, but my first memory of them was when Bowling Queen was on the far right, closest to the front door. And I remember standing on a chair to play it when I was about 6 years-old.

Someday I will write at length about why I love pinball so much. The happiest recurring dream that I have is of playing pinball. There I am at the pool hall, or sometimes at the bowling alley (which was just a few doors up the street). And it is sheer heaven.

Kees Kino clippings

I curated this SF Cinematheque program of the film work of Weldon Kees, called Kees Kino, back in June. Just wanted to post the links to all the coverage of the show in one place.

* Kevin Killian posted a wonderful review of the evening in the comments field of James Reidel’s Kees bio (Vanished Act) on Amazon (scroll way down to find it, and purchase a copy of the book while you're at it). P.S. Also check out James Reidel's amazing Weldon Kees website.

* Susie Gerhard was kind enough to let me write about my curatorial process for the June 7th "Wednesday: Found" section of The piece is called Looking for Mr. Kees.

* Reyhan Harmanci interviewed me for this great June 8, 2006 SF Chronicle feature, MR. MYSTERIOUS: Weldon Kees Screening collects obscure films of poet/painter/artist who disappeared in 1955.

* And Johnny Ray Huston (who shares my fanaticism for Kees) penned this wonderful feature for the June 7th SF Bay Guardian, Light after darkness: Jenni Olson excavates the film life of late SF icon Weldon Kees.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Evening Class blog interview with yours truly

Just had to show-off this really lovely interview on Michael Guillen's blog, about the DVD release of The Joy of Life. The interview is part of a larger Experimental Film Blogathon being hosted by Girish Shambu.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A fairly recent Sunday morning at the Olson-Dorf household. Though Sylvie has since given up the pacifier.