Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remembering Mark Finch (October 21, 1961 - January 14, 1995)

This is my favorite picture of Mark — so utterly characteristic of him. Cheerfully perched atop the front counter in the old Frameline office on Dolores Street in 1992.

Mark pretty much missed the digital revolution (we did have an AOL address at Frameline in 1994 thanks to Tom Reilly and Karen Wickre and Digital Queers, but that was about it). And so there are only a few items of evidence of Mark's legacy visible online. Here's Mark's entry on LGBT Film History and here's Mark's Wikipedia page created by an old friend of his, and here's Mark's entry (noting his cameos in Gregg Araki's The Living End and Todd Verow's Frisk). You can see a glimpse of his performance in the trailer for The Living End at Strand's YouTube page (at 0:33 seconds in).

Please share any and all of your Mark Finch memories in the comments field below.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Michael Hawley "Hearts" Frameline34 Screening of MADCHEN IN UNIFORM

Bay Area film blogger Michael Hawley just gave a nice shout-out to the Frameline34 presentation of the 1958 Romy Schneider remake of MADCHEN IN UNIFORM as part of his Top Bay Area Repertory Screenings for 2010. The screening was introduced by yours truly, hence my interest — here's his nicely phrased appreciation:
A whole lot of LGBT folk must've played hooky from work to catch this mid-day, mid-week revival from 1958 – itself a remake of a 1931 queer cinema classic. Romy Schneider and Lili Palmer are respectively radiant as a student obsessively in love with her boarding school teacher – to the extreme consternation of battleaxe headmistress Therese Giehse. Shown in a gorgeous and rare 35mm print, with the inimitable Jenni Olson delivering a dishy intro. Frameline34's other revelatory revival was Warhol's 1965 Vinyl, in which Factory beauties Gerard Malanga and Edie Sedgwick dance a furious frug to Martha and the Vandellas "Nowhere to Hide." Twice.
Read the rest of Michael's picks right HERE. And then go order the DVD from for only $13.46!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Lavender Images Program by Alison Bechdel

Just came across the original art that my old pal Alison Bechdel designed for the very first Lavender Images Film Series back when we were both living in Minneapolis. It was a 10-week series of LGBT movies shown on the University of Minnesota East Bank and West Bank campuses (at Coffman Memorial Union and the West Bank Union) during Winter quarter of 1987. I will reminisce at length about it all one of these days, but for the moment just had to share this wonderful cover design.