Saturday, April 24, 2010

Like, As If!

More, still more, little buttons to push. Clicking our way into imagined posterity—we crave impact, want to be recognized for our oh-so-unique individual cleverness, deeply held activist beliefs, conspicuous consumption, what have you. We will absolutely achieve our fifteen minutes of celebrity to bolster our gelatinous egos.

Andy Warhol had no idea this quarter-hour spotlight would occur on a daily basis. And it doesn't take Jean-Paul Sartre to recognize the pathos of this desperate existential flailing—making our marks on physically non-existent walls and "liking" (dog-earing) millions of "pages" when we could be, oh, I don't know, writing our memoirs in a cafe somewhere over poached eggs on wheat toast with a double cappuccino in the sharp morning light of April.

Monday, April 19, 2010 R.I.P.

The cheerful April 7th headline: "PlanetOut Has a New Family" appears to be the sole indicator on the world wide web of the sad ultimate demise of the URL (which is now re-directed to under the ownership of Here Media). The saddest thing of all has to be the fact that this moment seems to have gone past unnoticed by gay bloggers and traditional LGBT media alike.

I'm having my own personal moment of silence for this final nail in the coffin.

Okay, no, actually the saddest thing is the incredibly lame clip art image (above) that they used for the post.