Pinball & Blogging

I'm beginning to understand the appeal of blogging. It's like a place to put things. Equivalent to all the tiny scraps of paper in my pocket with little notes on them.

In a moment of Internet weakness I started a surf on "pinball" and experienced the visceral breathtaking joy of seeing an image of the first machine I ever played. And now I have a place to put this experience. O joy.

There were always four pinball machines along the far front wall at Lee's Billiards (in Falcon Heights where I grew up). They were changed occasionally over the years, but my first memory of them was when Bowling Queen was on the far right, closest to the front door. And I remember standing on a chair to play it when I was about 6 years-old.

Someday I will write at length about why I love pinball so much. The happiest recurring dream that I have is of playing pinball. There I am at the pool hall, or sometimes at the bowling alley (which was just a few doors up the street). And it is sheer heaven.


girish said…
Hi Jenni--Good to "meet" you via Michael's interview. So glad to see that you're a blogger!

Let me give you my warmest wishes for the success of your film...

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