Dykesploitation Mania

I couldn't be happier about this LesbiaNation article by Tracy Gilchrist, in which I am described as "a modern-day, lesbian Henri Langlois." Plus a bunch of items on PlanetOut.com including Jenny Sherwin's reviews of Just The Two of Us and That Tender Touch and an interview with That Tender Touch star Susan Bernard!

This excerpt from Jenny's review offers a really poignant summation of That Tender Touch:

"It is a time machine that thrusts you into the world of 1969 homosexuality, wrought with guilt and pain, in which a marriage of convenience was better than a life of lesbianism and a few moments of sapphic bliss were rewarded with a lifetime of loneliness. In essence, That Tender Touch will make you laugh, cry and be thankful that you're queer and living in the new millennium."


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