Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Matzo Maidels in Baltimore This Weekend!

One of my short films is playing in Baltimore this weekend. A rare opportunity to see MATZO MAIDELS, super fun archival lesbian porn with a Yiddish twist -- starring the voice of Brooklyn Bloomberg!

Full details below and click the link to buy tickets, etc.

Charm City Kitty Club: The Sweet Smell of Excess
Fri-Sat May 2-3 7pm Kitty Cocktails, 8pm Show.
$12, $10 mbrs.
Blackmail and lipstick larceny, femme fatales and the butches that love them—Baltimore’s favorite queer variety show takes a walk on the film noir side. Filmmaker Jenni Olson gets flirtatious with films like Matzo Maidels: Brooklyn Bloomberg, featuring archival porn with a Yiddishism-sprinkled voiceover. Brooklyn-based performance artist Erin Markey, “The Larry Flynt of avant cabaret,” performs seductive excerpts. Baltimore native Dionne Wilkins has been compared to Lauryn Hill, Res and Me’shell N’degĂ©ocello; and Nicole Reynolds’ sweet voice masks her songs about heartbreak and recovery.

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Dirty Diaper said...

hey jenni! saw your san francisco video, (didn't get to see matzo as it happened just as i was about to get on stage) and i loved it! the sing-along aspect is really brilliant.
hope we get to meet someday...