What Do I Do at Frameline32?

transtastic_15.jpg, originally uploaded by frameline32photos.

I stand around outside the theater just waiting to see who I will run into (pictured here at the Victoria this past Sunday night before the Transtastic program).

Sometimes I even go inside and watch the movies.


Unknown said…
hi gothere juts by chance
would love keep on tlaking to you
I work for a GLTB magazine in Buenos Aires Argentina
sinclair said…
hot photo! would it be alright if I featured it on my site, sugarbutch chronicles, with a little blurb about you & your work? I do a little "eye candy" series of photos of butches. :) it'd be a great one. email me, aspiringstud at gmail.com? thanks!

pleasure to run across your site (via TLL), I hadn't seen it before.

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