Our Facebook Wedding

It’s been almost 24 hours now. The warm wishes have been pouring on to our Walls from around the world:

“Congratulations!” "Mazel Tov!” "Good for you!”

At first we were bewildered — what had we done to warrant such enthusiastic encouragement? But now we’re embracing this, our latest formal commitment ritual, as we try to decide the date of our impending next one — to take place some time between now and November 4th here in California.

Our Facebook Wedding took place last night in the calm comfort of our living room. There we were: Together on the couch, PowerBooks on our laps, pattering away at our respective piles of email.

There I was: Guileless as I so often am with regard to the mechanics of Facebook — which is either too 2.0 for my 1.0 brain or perhaps there genuinely are some serious UI issues?

“You have a request for a Relationship,” the little heart said.

The significance of this term and the singular nature of the request suddenly cast a pale shadow on my 500+ “friends” huddled nearby.

With a sense of uncertainty and wonder I immediately click the approve button. Julie looks over my shoulder and: Voila!

You have no more relationship requests
You are now in a relationship with Julie Dorf.

As it happens, this amusing moment came about simply because Julie followed the Facebook prompt when she was updating her profile which asked her to select which of her many Facebook friends she was “in a relationship” with.

All of which to say: Thanks for all the good wishes but really, this one is just a virtual thing. We’ll let you know when we tie the knot again. And again. And again.


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