575 Castro St. Onstage Q&A at SF Jewish Film Fest

Okay, it was a bit unnerving to hear that one of my favorite film bloggers, Michael Guillen, had videotaped my post-screening Q&A for 575 Castro St. at the Jewish Film Festival and then posted it on YouTube. I spent the last few days thinking about it at 1am and worrying about whether I had said anything inappropriate for ears beyond that relatively small Castro Theatre audience. Having just watched it I was very relieved that not only did I not say anything incriminating, but my cinematographer Sophie Constantinou and I actually did a pretty good job of putting the film in context AND I gave my pitch for everyone to get out and support Mark Leno's Harvey Milk Day bill! Now that our President has seen fit to honor Harvey with the Medal of Freedom let's see if our Governor can get with the program and sign the bill (instead of vetoing it like he did last year). For more info go to EQCA.org right now.

And hey -- if you have not watched my movie yet you can always go over to the Film In Focus website for your personal desktop premiere!


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