Support Outfest & QUEENS AT HEART!

Hey Everybody!

On September 30th I will be attending the Outfest Legacy Awards for the restoration premiere of an amazing LGBT cinematic treasure. Watch this clip, and then read on to participate in Queer Film History!

QUEENS AT HEART is truly one of the most remarkable LGBT films I've ever seen (and I have watched thousands of them). It is a short exploitation documentary produced in 1967 and featuring candid interviews with four trans women who speak honestly and with great courage about who they are (despite the lascivious tone of the weird guy who is interviewing them). The experience of seeing these women talk about the dangers and pleasures of queer life in pre-Stonewall New York City is inspiring. The camera follows them out to a fantastic drag ball, and shadows one of them along the streets of the city to her job as a hairdresser. I discovered this badly faded 35mm print many years ago and donated it to Outfest's Legacy Project. Outfest chose it (along with CHOOSING CHILDREN) as their 2009 preservation project.

You know the National Film Registry thing where they pick 25 films each year and proclaim them to be of historic significance for preservation?

Yeah, this is sort of like the gay version of that -- a very big deal. And film preservation is expensive. While the National Film Registry preserves Citizen Kane and Groundhog Day (okay, they DID add The Times of Harvey Milk to the list, but still) it's up to us to bankroll the movies that reflect OUR heritage (previous Outfest restorations include WORD IS OUT and PARTING GLANCES).

So, please click through and make your contribution now. Or go ahead and buy a ticket to attend the Legacy Awards Gala (I'll see you there)!

Even a small donation will make a very big difference —— seriously, click through to give just $35 right now and be part of saving our images for posterity. If we don't do it nobody else will. Do it now so you don't forget!




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