The Joy of Life is now on iTunes!

I am very excited to announce that my film THE JOY OF LIFE is now available for rental on iTunes! You can rent it for just $2.99 and watch it right this minute in your living room (or get the HD version for $3.99). Go ahead and click right HERE.

Need more encouragement? Here's an exciting description:

The Joy of Life combines stunning 16mm landscape cinematography with a bold, lyrical voiceover (performed by Harriet “Harry” Dodge) to share two San Francisco stories: the history of the Golden Gate Bridge as a suicide landmark, and the story of a butch dyke in San Francisco searching for love and self-discovery. The two stories are punctuated by Lawrence Ferlinghetti's beautiful reading of his ode to San Francisco, "The Changing Light" and bookended by opening and closing credits music from legendary '50s icon (and probable Golden Gate suicide) Weldon KeesThe Joy of Life is a film about landscapes, both physical and emotional. 

Let me share a few choice bits of critical acclaim to convince you:

"Thrillingly minimalist. Gently hypnotic."
--Rob Nelson, The Village Voice 

"A cinematic love poem. . . Beautiful."
--Dennis Harvey, San Francisco Bay Guardian 

“Transfixing, starkly powerful. . . unforgettable.”
--Jeffrey Anderson, San Francisco Examiner

"Another perfect film with a masterful screenplay."
--Brandon Judell, 

-- Film Threat 

"The festival's best film. . . vividly evocative."
-- Wesley Morris, The Boston Globe (from review of Boston L&G Film Fest)

"The pick of the festival. . . one of the most sensuous documentaries you will ever see."
--Kelly Vance, The East Bay Express (from review of SF LGBT Film Fest) 

"Simply stunning to behold."
--Candace Moore, 

"Absolutely brilliant. A poetic and heartfelt adventure."
--Kathleen Wilkinson, SFGate 

Did I mention these awards? 

2005 Marlon Riggs Award (for courage & vision in Bay Area filmmaking)
-- The San Francisco Film Critics Circle

2005 Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award
-- Outfest, Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

2005 Best US Narrative Screenplay Award
-- The New Festival, New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 

Rent THE JOY OF LIFE from iTunes now.


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