Sexy in Milwaukee

I had the honor of presenting my clip show We Who Are Sexy: The Whirlwind History of Transgender Images in Film last week in Milwaukee (thanks to Carl Bogner at the Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival). Unfortunately my co-curator Susan Stryker wasn't able to co-present with me but I had a great time and was very happy to bring the show to Milwaukee. And we got our first actual review of the show — from Steven Franz at the UWM Post! It's a very flattering review and I was pleased at the numerous descriptors he assigned to me including: "diminutive, wise-looking, witty, engaging" and a "delightfully vulgar speaker." Here's my favorite excerpt (and I will humbly share "all the credit in the world" with Susan — thank you so much):
"The fact that the Union Theatre audience was only the third to have experienced “We Who Are Sexy” therefore became significant, as did Olson’s role as a cataloger of the rare. Were it not for her vast knowledge on the subject, as well as her strident efforts to possess many works of art that are either out-of-print or lost to time, the wealth of information contained within them may realistically have never come to light. And for that, as well as her invigorating and informative program, she deserves all the credit in the world."
Read the full review HERE.


Thank you for coming to Milwaukee, I had the pleasure of attending the show and thought there were many highlights, especially the extremely rare and avant-garde clips you brought to my attention, and your heartfelt response to Swank's Oscar Speech. I did squirm in my seat a little when people in the Q+A referred to Paris is Burning as "obscure" (it's streaming on Netflix!) and wanted to debate interpretations of Hedwig, but C'est La Vie I suppose. Lucky for us, Susan Stryker will be visiting UWM next week too! Thank you again, Shawna Lipton, PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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