Remembering Mark Finch (October 21, 1961 - January 14, 1995)

This is my favorite picture of Mark — so utterly characteristic of him. Cheerfully perched atop the front counter in the old Frameline office on Dolores Street in 1992.

Mark pretty much missed the digital revolution (we did have an AOL address at Frameline in 1994 thanks to Tom Reilly and Karen Wickre and Digital Queers, but that was about it). And so there are only a few items of evidence of Mark's legacy visible online. Here's Mark's entry on LGBT Film History and here's Mark's Wikipedia page created by an old friend of his, and here's Mark's entry (noting his cameos in Gregg Araki's The Living End and Todd Verow's Frisk). You can see a glimpse of his performance in the trailer for The Living End at Strand's YouTube page (at 0:33 seconds in).

Please share any and all of your Mark Finch memories in the comments field below.


Unknown said…
I knew Mark well in London in 1981-2 when we were both at St James's, Piccadilly in the earliest days of Donald Reeves.
I lost touch with him around 1985 you do
Just learned of his death now when I googled him wondering what he had done with himself. Indeed, "How Mark!"

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