Appreciation & Analysis of QUEENS AT HEART

Gina at Skip The Makeup just posted a really terrific in-depth analysis and appreciation of QUEENS AT HEART (the amazing 1967 archival short I unearthed which was restored by The Legacy Project and will be playing next month at Outfest). Here's an excerpt from the blog:
"Back in the mid-90's, San Francisco film historian Jenni Olson would peruse collectors magazines like the now-defunct "The Big Reel" looking for hidden cinematic treasure. She came across a 35mm print being sold by an old projectionist in Kansas City for $75. Olson was always on the lookout for queer/trans-related titles and her radar instantly went up when she saw the title "Queens at Heart" and thought it might be related to the subject of drag."

Read the rest HERE.


Anonymous said…
your artical is so funny!! it make me so happy!! ........................................

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