The Times of Vito Russo teaser trailer

Documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz is currently in production on this exciting celebration and showcase of one of the greatest LGBT activists of all time. Vito Russo was one of the founders of the gay liberation movement, a driving force in ACT-UP, and a pioneer in the exploration of LGBT representations in film. He was also one of my mentors and his book The Celluloid Closet basically saved my life. Take a minute to watch this trailer and then click through HERE to join the Facebook page for the film (and please contribute to support the film if you can).

P.S. I was interviewed for the film (whether I end up on the cutting room floor or up on the big screen only time will tell — but in the meantime for some reason I am—happily—listed fifth in the cast credits on IMDb! Just after Michael Musto and before Larry Kramer).


VoiceBox said…
Hi jenni
i am a bay area culture correspondent for the new york times. i am doing a story about wolfe video. I am keen to find out why and how a queer distribution company has been so key in the success of gay film.
would you be available for a chat on the phone tomorrow. Monday, about this topic? I would love to hear your input. you can reach me at or at 4156080133
thanks and best wishes
LottiLuWho said…
Thanks so much for the shout-out, Jenni! Folks can follow our progress on our Facebook page: And our official website is coming soon!
--Lotti Pharriss Knowkes, Co-Producer

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