The Kids Are All Right DVD Box Art = Less Lesbionic

Look! It's the classic de-gaying marketing campaign strategy in action on the DVD release of THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT. (The DVD comes out November 16th and I'm not complaining, just saying). The recipe: Add the opposite sex character into the key-art to demonstrate greater appeal to straight audiences (the original movie poster was just the image you see at the bottom here — of all the characters seated around the table). 

At least this design choice has a fully legitimate rationale behind it — Mark Rufallo is terrific and is a full lead character in the film.

Unlike the ultimate example — Samuel Goldwyn Company's original theatrical poster for DESERTS HEARTS (featuring the addition of two straight minor characters to help the lesbians in the middle seem less lesbionic). An offense rectified by the Wolfe 20th Anniversary DVD re-release box art (below) which showcases the stars, Patricia Charbonneau and Helen Shaver, alone together as they ought to have been in the first place. 

And as I always say: Please go ahead and buy your DVDs from Wolfe Video: Your trusted community source for LGBT movies since 1985.


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