ANITA SPERM and Other LGBT Moving Image Treasures

Just stumbled across this cool little interview piece by Sarolta Jane Cump (which somehow I don't remember doing) about the Hormel Center's Frameline Video Archive Project and wanted to share an excerpt and urge everyone to explore the fabulous work we've been doing preserving some really amazing and rare LGBT video work.
I asked [Jenni Olson] about the process of selecting the first small batch of tapes for preservation. “Sifting through the Frameline collection — more than 5,000 LGBT videotapes amassed over the festival's 35 years of existence — was an emotional roller-coaster experience for me each and every day. I would find myself tearing up as I handled tapes of films by filmmakers we had lost in the AIDS crisis — including early and obscure works by people like Derek Jarman, Stuart Marshall, Marlon Riggs. And then five minutes later, I would have the joyfully thrilling experience of coming across exhibition tapes of works where it was evident this would very likely be the only surviving (or accessible) high-quality master — a great example of this is the [1977] Jane Dornacker short, Anita Sperm."
Read the rest of Sarolta's super-interesting post HERE. And then click thru to find out more about the Hormel Center's Frameline Video Archive Project!


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