Film Festival Snapshots Thru the Ages

I have all these old jpgs where the file size is so small I can't even make prints of them, and most of them have one thing in common (they are pictures of me and some other person; also most of them are from film festivals so they offer a nice little walk down memory lane). Yes, this post arises from my compulsive need to put things into categories and then store them all in one place. In mostly reverse chronological order. Enjoy!

Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (December 1991)
Robin Vachal, Shelley Mars, Alix Umen, Sadie Benning, Su Friedrich, Me

Frameline 1997
With Su Friedrich

San Francisco City Hall (February 2004)
With Julie — Getting Married

Vancouver International Film Festival (November 2005)
With Julie — Getting Married Again

Sundance 2004
With Bruce LaBruce

Sundance 2004
With Jennie Livingston & Guinevere Turner

Frameline 2004
With Rose Troche

Sundance 2006
With Shari Frilot

Sundance 2006
With Daniela Sea

Sundance 2006
With Guinevere Turner

NCLR Gala 2006
With Guinevere Turner

Sundance 2007
With Jason Plourde

Frameline 2007
With Jamie Babbitt

Frameline 2007
With Julie

Dyke March 2007
With Kadet

Sundance 2009
With Julie
I love this last shot from when we were at Sundance 2009 for the world premiere of my short 575 Castro St. Despite my rigorous attempt to get the photographer to spell my name right she listed me as Jenni Olsen (with an E) so that none of my official 2009 Sundance Film Festival photos get surfaced on my imdb page. :-( But they can be accessed at the WireImage site HERE.


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